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Newborn Dolls

Newborn Dolls

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Magical Moments Await with Our Realistic Newborn Doll 

Step into a world of enchanting playtime with our Realistic Newborn Doll. This meticulously designed doll is a testament to quality and realism, featuring intricate details that mirror the beauty of a newborn. The soft, velvety body is perfect for tender hugs, and the doll's lifelike size adds an extra layer of authenticity to playtime. Whether your child is exploring the wonders of parenthood in imaginative games or simply seeking a comforting companion, our Newborn Doll is the perfect choice. Make every moment magical with the realism and charm of our lifelike Newborn Doll.

  • Recommend Age14+
  • Material: Friendly silicone
  • Dimensions20cm
  • CertificationCE

Warningkeep away from fire

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