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Handmade Monkey Reborn Doll

Handmade Monkey Reborn Doll

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Unleash Playful Imaginations with Our Monkey Reborn Doll

Introducing the Monkey Reborn Doll, where the magic of play meets the charm of the jungle. This extraordinary doll is a masterpiece of realism, featuring intricate details that mirror the spirited nature of a monkey. The lifelike fur, expressive face, and poseable limbs make it perfect for interactive play, fostering creativity and imagination. Whether swinging from vines in a jungle adventure or snuggling up for bedtime stories, our Monkey Reborn Doll is the ideal companion. Elevate playtime to new heights with this enchanting addition to our Reborn Doll collection—a true celebration of the joyous and playful spirit of monkeys.

  • Recommend Age: 14+
  • Dimensions: Approx. 50cm
  • Vinyl head, limbs and cotton body with full limbs, non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Package:1 x Doll,1 x Pacifier, 1 x Feed Bottle,1 x Diaper,1 x Clothes as pictures,1 x Blank Birth Certificate, so you can name your own
  • Certification: CE

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